ACME Mushrooms


Why do we need to recycle?

Currently, in Sydney alone, there are approximately 100 million cups of coffee sold and 6 billion a year Australia wide and growing daily according to statistics from the Planet Ark, Coffee Ground Recovery Program Summary Report, 2016. The report highlights a growing issue with cafe waste and new initiatives that are underway to protect our environment. By reducing the environmental footprint that occurs in the disposal of 3,000 tonnes of Sydney coffee waste from cafes per year, of which it is estimated 93% end up in a landfill.

What are we doing about it?

ACME Mushrooms are conscious of this impact coffee waste has on our world. We have produced a product that upcycles coffee waste and reuses the spent coffee grounds to create a new product, Mushroom kits. In this way, we can do a small part to raise the awareness of the need for recycling and in the process help families grow their own healthy food.

Planet Ark produced a fabulous report in January 2016, which highlights the issue and size of the problem in Sydney Australia and outline many solutions to the problem. For more information, click on to the link to read the full report from Planet Ark.