ACME Mushrooms


The team at ACME Mushrooms, together with your school, has embarked on a new an exciting fundraising initiative that not only raises much-needed funds for your school or charity but also introduces your school community to a healthy, educational and exciting activity the whole family will enjoy.

Every effort has gone into ensuring we make as little impact on the environment as possible. Our mushrooms grow in a carefully crafted mix of recycled coffee grounds, recycled sugar cane straw and mycelium. Even the box is made from recycled cardboard and when the harvest has finished, contents can be added to a worm bin, compost heap or put straight onto the garden.

ACME Mushroom kits enable families to grow and harvest their own fresh, healthy mushrooms. Each kit will provide from 2 to 3 harvests of premium oyster mushrooms. It’s fun and everyone will enjoy the benefits!

Each Kit is only $25.00. Your school will receive 20% of all monies raised.

Buy one or buy many!  Mushroom Kits make a great gift for family or friends. The more mushroom kits you sell, the more money will go to your school for much-needed resources. This is a great way to support your school and your child’s education and save the planet. 

With daily mist spraying of your kit, you’ll be on the way to eating home-grown, fresh, healthy mushrooms within 7 to 10 days. See the time-lapse video in our gallery and go to our recipe page for some great family recipe ideas. 

Read enough and want to get involved, buy a Fundraising Kit Now for your school 


Or start your own campaign for your school or company