ACME Mushrooms


What the instructions on how to set up my kit?

1. Place the box in the fridge overnight

2. Remove the box front panel by cutting along the perforated lines.

3. Cut an ‘X’ in the plastic in the opening front panel, corner to corner. Lightly scrape the surface of the soil block with a fork.

4. Stand the box vertically indoors in a location with lots of light but not in direct sunlight.

5. Spray the soil with water 3 times a day to maintain a moist soil medium.

6. Pinning (mushroom sprouting) will start in around 4 to 10 days.

7. Mushrooms are ready to harvest about 7 to 10 days after pinning, or when the tops start to curl over. Remove mushrooms with a twist-action.

8. When the first flush of mushrooms stops growing, rotate the bag 180o. Rest for two weeks in a cool dark place and then repeat steps 1 to 7

How do I recycle my kit when I finish growing the mushrooms?

We believe in recycling and ensure we make as little impact on the environment as possible. Please recycle the finished mushroom kit in the following way:

1. Box

Tear up the box. The cardboard is perfect for the worm bin or compost heap or Council recycling.

2. Contents

The kit contains coffee grounds, grain and straw mixed with mushroom mycelium.

It can be put in your garden, worm bin or compost heap.

3. Bag

The plastic bag is Polypropylene (PP 5) and recyclable by some Councils. Shortly we will be offering a solution to the bags recycling as well.

Why are my mushrooms not growing?

 Like most living things, we need the right environment to grow and thrive. Temperature, humidity and sunlight are the main factors. The temperature should be between 16c to 30c too cold and they think its wintertime, too hot and they just won't start.

How often do I water my mushrooms?

This is dependent on the environment you are growing them in and so there is no one answer. However oyster mushrooms like other mushrooms like a moist substrate to grow on, not wet or soaked and defiantly not dry. Misting with the spray bottle a few times a day should do this. 

How do I know when to harvest the mushrooms?

As your mushrooms grow you will see the edges of the mushrooms start to curl over. You will also see white powder under the growing mushrooms, this is mushroom spawn and is the mushrooms equivalent of going to seed. 

What part of the kit is recyclable?

Tear up the box. The cardboard is perfect for the worm bin or compost heap or Council recycling. The contents of the bag is mushroom mycelium, coffee grounds and straw, all are good for your garden, worm bin or compost heap. The plastic bag is Polypropylene (PP 5) and recyclable by some Councils

What is the white dust on my benchtop?

This is mushroom spawn (not mould) and is a sign that the current "flush" of mushrooms is reached its maturation. It is time to harvest. The white dust is easily wiped up with a damp cloth.

What about the plastic bag inside?

Currently, we hope your council is up to recycling soft plastics. The bag is made of PP (polypropylene) number 5 recycling code. However, we recognise that the plastic bag is covered in the white mycelium and so presents as dirty waste to most recyclers. 

We have plans to develop a "Pyrolysis" process to recycle these. Simply this is the heating of the plastic in a sealed chamber in the absents of oxygen to break the plastic back down to oil. - Stay tuned for updates.

What about portobello mushrooms?

It's not because we don't like portobello mushrooms, we do but they don't grow on coffee waste in the same way Oyster mushroom do - bugger.

Why only cut an "x" in the plastic bag?

We recommend you only cut the "x" in the plastic bag from corner to corner of the opening in the box as this helps to retain the moisture in the kit and therefore assist in the growing process.

How long keep my kit before growing it?

It's best to grow your kit straight away, but if you wish to wait a while, you must store it in a cool dark place. You can also store it in the fridge for months but never place it in direct sun or inside a hot car.