ACME Mushrooms



Let's bring ACME Mushroom into the classroom!

ACME Mushrooms are committed to educating our children, not only in the health benefits of eating mushrooms as part of a healthy diet, but also linking the process of farming mushrooms as part of an exciting and experiential learning activity for students of all ages.

We are all life long learners who are curious, collaborative problem solvers. Learning should be fun, motivational and engaging and what a great way to unpack the concepts of environmental sustainability, recycling/upcycling, life cycles of plants and the impact of a carbon footprint- ecological changes to our world than by using the ACME mushroom kits in a Problem Based Learning Project.  

Acme Mushroom kits can provide hands-on experiential learning opportunities for students to grow mushrooms quickly and easily as part of a Science integrated unit of study.  

The Living World strand focuses on the classification, life cycles and survival of living things. Students consider the agricultural processes used to grow plants and raise animals. Students design and produce a product or system to support the growth of a plant and/or animal.(taken from the NSW Science Syllabus Stage 2) 

PLANET ARK  provides great information on the impact that sustainable, responsible recycling practices can have on our world. We only have one world and the next generation of responsible adults must know to make change happen. The classroom is the perfect place to open the doors to real-world problems and for our students to find creative and possible solutions on a global stage.